What is the cost?

The average Ice Sculpture takes 1 block of ice which weighs 300 lbs. The cost of $295.00 includes delivery, set up, lighting, and pick-up of supplies after the event.


Centerpieces range from $40.00-$65.00 each Ice Bars/tables are $500-$l500.00 Call us for custom sculptures in the right price range.

How much advance notice should I give you?

Some customers call a year in advance to secure a date, but we have accommodated with one weeks notice. The sooner we know the better.

Payment Options

We require a deposit of $l00.00 to reserve date and balance paid PRIOR to the event. We accept cash or check.


Delivery is included in the price for the Columbia area. More than 30 miles is an extra charge.

How long does it take to make an Ice sculpture?

An artist works for hours planning, sketching, then creating the final sculpture, knowing that within the same day, his work of art will melt or be thrown out. Tomorrow he, or she, will begin again. Madness? No, this is the world of ice carving.

Can you put multiple colors in an ice sculpture?

Yes, ice can be tinted, but the preferred method is to used colored lighting which reflects beautifully through the crystal clear ice.

How long will my sculpture last?

Surprisingly a carving will melt at a rate of 1 inch per hour at room temperature. Most sculptures last 5-8 hours depending on the size of the carving. Sculpture can be used outdoors and can last long if in a shaded or tented area There is no guarantee of how long it will last in sun and wind conditions.